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Volume Two Track Listing:

James Sayer (featuring Michelle John) - Better Days Ahead (Sayer/Walter)

Brent Carter, Fred Vigdor, Rob Aries (Of AWB) - A Change Is Gonna Come (Cooke)

Rumer -Where've You Been (Henry/Vezner)

Adam Norsworthy - Quiet Town (Norsworthy)

Mark Butcher - Missing You (Butcher)

Martin Harley - Brother (Harley)

Medicine Head - Who's Having Fun? (Fiddler)

Bill Wyman and The Rhythm Kings - Got Love If You Want it (Harpo)

Elles Bailey - Jordan (Buchanan)

James Maddock - Better On My Own (Maddock)

Jo Harman -Too Many Boxes (Maddock)

Christopher Holland - Great Awakening (Holland)

Connor Selby -Waiting on the Day (Selby)

Hollie Rogers - Look East (Rogers)

Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri - Sweeter Rain (Dee/Luggeri)

Fred Mollin - You Just Missed Me (Mollin)

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